The Saluki: History & Origins

(Saluki) Afghan Greyhound Shahzada by R.H. Moore

Iroki Sarastro

The objective of this site is to educate the public about the Saluki, how it evolved and why. There are numerous Web sites on the Internet dedicated to showing, breeding, field and lure coursing the Saluki but there are few concerned with the history of these beautiful canines. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the history and origins themselves are somewhat obscure, though there are some well documented examples of the Saluki from very ancient times. Because of this obscurity, Salukis are often perceived with mystery and intrigue as so often subjects from far away places are. 

The Saluki
Also known as Gazellehound,  Persian Greyhound or Gazehound the Saluki's origins are rooted in the Middle East, approx. 3,000 BC. Categorized as a Sighthound the breeds purpose was to hunt and course fast game.

The fact that the Saluki originated in a foreign world so long ago does not make it better or more interesting than another canine. The environment that molded its form and development, the expanse of time during which the saluki has remained virtually unchanged and the high esteem which was bestowed upon him are what Saluki lovers and owners alike are emphatic about, not to mention their purpose and appearance. These are unique hounds that personify elegance and beauty and were appreciated and thus honoured by some of history's most important figures. Explore the the Saluki!

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